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01/2020 Owner/Jurisdiction Change

In early January, kaniini retired from the fediverse. is now hosted by Regarding the future of, the instance is now hosted in France and the terms of service have been updated to note that content must not enfreign french laws. No further ToS, federation or policies changes are planned.


Please find our Terms of Service and Federation policies.


Follow @administration for information about decisions made by the admins.

To report trouble, contact AT Please allow 24 hours for turnaround.

Hardware Information

This instance is currently hosted on a Intel Xeon E3-1240 v6 @ 3.70GHz with 64Gb of RAM, 386Gb SSD zfs mirror. The OS is FreeBSD and the instance lives in its own jail.

User uploaded files and database backups are stored in Scaleway Object Storage.

Warrant Canary

To date, there have been no national security inquiries.


Despite being called, this instance is not an official instance of the Pleroma project.