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Getting Started

Signing up

To sign up, just click register in the login box. It is in the lower left corner of the box.

Login Box

Then fill out the registration form and click submit:

Registration form

Note: because this server runs on a potato, it will take a second or two to validate your password. Please be patient as it logs you in.

Left Column (Pleroma Frontend)

The left column is split into 5 boxes:

Profile and Message Composer

The first box contains your profile information, as well as the message composer. The message composer is used to post your status updates.

Profile box

To edit your profile, click on the gear icon in this box.

At the bottom is the message composer. This is a text box where you can type in whatever you wish to post. When you are done, click the Submit button.

If you want to attach media, click the upload icon. This will upload your media and include it with your post.

Timeline Selector

The next box is the timeline selector. This allows you to select up to four timelines.

Timeline selector

The timelines are:

About box

This box just contains information about, such as a link to this guide.

About box

Pleroma Chat

Pleroma includes a chat system, by default this is just a small box in the left column:

Pleroma chat system

To write to the chat room, just type a message in the text box at the bottom and hit enter!


This box just contains notifications. To mark them as read, click on the "Read!" button.


Right Column (Pleroma Frontend)

The right column displays whatever you are actively interacting with. Usually this is a timeline, but sometimes it is a settings screen.

User Settings

If you click on the gear icon in the top left box, it will take you to the User Settings screen:

User Settings Screen

If you have a Mastodon follow list CSV file, you can use the Follow Import feature at the bottom to import it.

Mastodon Frontend

Pleroma includes the Mastodon UI as an alternative. Just click "Mastodon Frontend" on the left column to get to it.

I want an app!

Apps are discussed here.